Course-in-a-day: Polonaise

On Sunday the 25th of November, Les Gais Galants will organize a course-in-a-day for the Polonaise, written by Gretel van Bruggen with music from Tsjaikovski. This is a spectacular dance full of variation. The gentleman will click their heels while the ladies gracefully move around the floor. During the day we will dance for 5 hours and 1 hour will be reserved for breaks. We will arrange lunch for all participants (included in the price).

Practical information:

Date: Sunday 25 November

Time: 10.00-16.00

Location: Anemoonstraat 197, Assen (5 minuten from station, by foot)

Costs: €15,- (free for members)

On Saturday 24 November Plaisir Courtois organizes workshops in Groningen. People that travel far and would like to attend both activities, are welcome to stay overnight at our course-in-a-day location (with Odilia and Hendrik-Jan).

Do you want to join? Please register no later than the 21th of November via Please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you need a place to stay. If you have any more questions about this course, you can use the same e-mail address.

We have enough participants for the course at this moment, so we will definitely teach it. After registration you will get an e-mail. This e-mail will also contain all practical information and information about payment.